Indigo Creation


PT. Indigo Mandiri Sejahtera (Indigo-Creation) is a furniture manufacturer based in Cirebon, I In years, by adding teams of wicker outdoor division and wooden division along with our division of indoor natural furniture, we keep on improve our quality for customer satisfactions . PT. Indigo Mandiri Sejahtera was officially established in 2007. Since then focuses on improve the manufacturing capabilities with kiln dry chamber, wooden maker workshop, and cushion maker workshop .

Cirebon city, where we are located, is acclaimed the world center of weaving. Experience in creating various weaving techniques, lasting experiences from generation to generation has caused the city earn international fame for weaving. To preserve the legacy,  our weaver engages to always improve weaving techniques. And by the assistance of local weaving technique experts that pass the knowledge to our skillful weavers, we are willing to continue the legacy.


 To date, Indigo has collaborated with business partners from countries in each continent, supporting their strong international brands by specifically design­ ing creations for each country. Our synergy has boosted the sales volume, even during the global crisis. Thanks to solid cooperation and mutual trust with our partners, with 350 competent employees, our production capacity now reaches 150 containers per year. This production capacity is currently being multiplied as we plan to establish more partnerships with more countries across the world.