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Innovation, comfort, durability, nature . These are what you will experience from each of our synthetic wicker furniture. Our spirit of innovation, beyond doubt, colors and excites the worldwide market of furniture. Our collaboration with our vendors on texture and color development has enabled us to create more natural rattan color and texture. Less plastic look. More natural look.Innovation goes hand in hand with creativity and comfort. At Indigo, we treat each produc­ tion seriously and creatively at the same time. We listen carefully and profes­ sionally to our customers’ inputs because producing wicker furniture is, for us, about catering customer ‘s needs and about lifestyle. Creativity improvement and comfort will only leave you happy and contented for many years to come. To the brew of creativity and comfort, we generously add durability so you can place our outdoor furniture in the open space for the whole 365 days with no worries.





Wooden furniture, recycled teak furniture, reclaimed teak furniture, rattan furniture, sea -grass furniture, water hyacinth furniture, banana furniture, rattan kobo grey furniture, basket craft, wicker furniture, combination furniture, sofa sets, arm chair, dining chair, mirror, lamp table, coffee table, buffet, beds set accessories, laundry racks, basket, shelf unit, and more kind made as customer demand. Our people to present only the best to our customers, we make a substantial investment in our R&D department, this creative department has continuously and abundantly generated product innovation on framing, synthetic rattan fiber colors and textures, weaving techniques, design, comfort, and durability in order to create products that meet the needs and wants of our world-wide customers. And to support the development of our upcoming products,Indigo will soon have more new facilities set in the premises.